Which Area Should You Live In St. Lucia

Which Area Should You Live In St. Lucia

If you are asking yourself which area you should live in St. Lucia,  and wish to move from one community to another, it’s good to have a little information ahead of time to help you narrow down where you might like to live. Having intimate knowledge of St. Lucia we know the most sort after areas well. For the purposes of general descriptions, below are the five demanded areas.

St. Lucia Real Estate is quickly becoming the envy of the Caribbean. From the lush greenery to the various shades of blue waters, it is indeed paradise on earth. The people are friendly and helpful, and the island allows for one to mingle and socialize, if they wish, or to get completely lost in the serenity, and quietness of the breathtaking ocean views available throughout the island. Do not take our word for it, because of our unmatched beauty the island was fought over for 14 times, the British winning 7 times and the French winning 7 times. Because of this, the island celebrates a rich culture with very patriotic people. The island is only 238 Sq Miles with a population of roughly 173, 765 (at last count) making it a close-knit community. On the West Coast, there is the Caribbean Sea, and the East Coast is home of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the position of the island, we have been protected and most hurricanes pass a by. Our Neighbouring islands are St. Vincent, Barbados and Martinique. The Windward Islands are quickly emerging as the destination of choice for real estate investments, holiday home or retirement living, and provides for many short term vacation rentals. This demand is also the primary reason why St. Lucia Real Estate has the most competitive mortgage and loan rates.

St. Lucia has several distinctly different areas in terms of lifestyle, housing and geography. We have grown to know the entire island well, so here’s some information that will let you know more about where you might like to live. For your convenience, we have included a map of St. Lucia for your reference.

Getting Here

With frequent flight service, it has never been easier to get to St. Lucia. We have service regularly from the following countries:

UK – British Airways (five flights per week) & Virgin Atlantic (three flights per week)

US – American Airlines, Delta, Jetblue

GERMANY – Condor (weekly)

CANADA – Air Canada, WestJet

With so much air traffic, St. Lucia has opened its doors to the world ensuring that investors with rental property have a steady stream of guests. Developments such as the Landings, Cotton Bay and Windjammer Landings offer various concessions for renting out your investments.

Cap Estate

Is incredibly scenic, and is located at the most northern point of the island. Surrounded by pure elegance, Cap Estate is considered to be one of the most desirable areas to reside in St. Lucia. There truly is no wrong area to live in Cap Estate. Your backdrop could be the Caribbean or the Atlantic seas. These areas offer breathtaking views of wave-battered cliffs, inviting beaches, and often the silhouette of the neighbouring island of Martinique is visible. Wake up to the stunning view of the sunrise on the Atlantic side or the breathtaking, magical sunset on the Caribbean side, the choice is yours. From here, you have easy access to the other areas of the island via the John Compton Highway. You are a short drive away from shopping, grocery stores, restaurants, churches, medical centres, Private and Public Schools, and entertainment. In this area, you will find some of the most beautifully architected single family homes, luxury resorts, and private villas.

Bonne Terre

Bonne Terre is in an ideal area as it positioned perfectly between Cap Estate and Rodney Bay. It is for those who want to have the option to be close to and enjoy the going ones of Cap Estate and Rodney Bay, but can also enjoy a less busy area. The entertainment is within a 5-minute drive from Bonne Terre, allowing one to benefit from the amenities of Rodney Bay and Cap Estate. This area houses many young professionals, young families, and there is a wide range of homes to choose from.

Rodney Bay / Rodney Heights

Rodney Bay / Rodney Heights has earned its reputation for being one of the most popular areas to reside in on the island because this area has so much to offer. You are greeted with many beautifully architecturally designed homes, some of which line the beach and marina entrance. For those who prefer a more pragmatic view, the homes edged into the mountainside may do. The beach is easily accessible, perfect for individuals who love to partake in water sport activities. Rodney Bay/Rodney Heights is the Mecca for entertainment on the Island. The Rodney Bay Village is lined with various bars, pubs night clubs, restaurants, and the area also claims the home for St. Lucia’s first and only Casino. There are two malls, with three major grocery stores for your convenience. From the Rodney Bay / Rodney Heights area, you have easy access to the other areas of the island via the John Compton Highway. You are a short drive away from, a few private and public schools, and churches. You can easily get to Castries for this area.