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Tips On How To Keep Your House Tidy.

Tips On How To Keep Your House Tidy.

Tips On How To Keep Your House Tidy

How many of you look at your home at the end of the week and wonder to yourself when did this mess happen. Clean laundry laundered the weekend before has still not been put away.  Vanities and night tables have drinking glasses, head bands, coins, and other stuff that have made themselves at home where they do not belong.  Dirty stoves, refrigerators, counters and floors, the house looks like ground zero! Here are some tips to help you keep order in your home during the week.

In the morning:

  • Take out the garbage when you leave the house.  In most community’s garbage pick up happens twice per week. On these designated days, gather your garbage while you wait for your coffee or tea to brew, put all tied garbage bags out for garbage collection or by the door that you leave through when you leave in the morning. As you walk out of the door, grab the bag/s. Getting into this habit will prevent from having garbage pile up in your home.
  • At night:


  • Keep your bag, keys, and shoes in the same spot. 
  • Preparing yourself the night before can save you from running around looking for your stuff in the morning. Make it easy to get out the door in the morning by having everything you need to organize in the same spot.
  • Prepare your lunch for the next day at night…..then clean the kitchen after yourself.


  • Immediately launder and store workout gear. Don’t leave your gym bag to linger. Sort the dirty clothes, and store away the rest.
  • send good emails.


  • Immediately rehang items you’ve worn. Don’t just throw clothes on a chair or the dresser if you plan to wear them once more before laundry day, hang them.
  • Wipe down counter tops after getting ready for bedtime.Once your night time skin care routine  is done, give your bathroom counter tops a quick wipe down. Keep a small stash of cleaning products near by, in your vanity to make this process quick and easy.


  • Generally:


  • Have a specific hamper for everyone living in your home. One hamper is most likely not enough. Have a laundry basket dedicated to each person in the house, plus an extra one for linens. If you’re feeling extra organized, use hampers that have two baskets in each, so you can separate whites in advance.
  • Keep Basic Cleaning Supplies Near the Areas You Would Frequent The Most.  
    It is wise to have all bathrooms stocked with basic cleaning supplies cloths, a toilet scrub brush, and a spray bottle with water and vinegar {or the multi-purpose cleaner you prefer}.  This makes it so much more convenient and easier to give the toilet a quick swipe. Also, it can be used to wipe the gross toothpaste splatter from the mirror. Try to do these simple tasks as necessary – most of them take only a couple minutes – and it will really reduce how often you need to do it thoroughly.
  • This one may take longer to be fully implemented but taking the time to declutter and organize your home will drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to clean.  Having a spot for everything {that is both easily accessible and easy to put away} makes it so much easier to tidy up.