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The Key to Getting Organized in 2020

The Key to Getting Organized in 2020

As with every year, almost everyone has their resolutions set for the oncoming year. For most of us, becoming more organized is number one on the list of things to get done. Though, after a few months, that goal is long forgotten. If you continue reading, you’d find the key to getting organized in 2020.

 Thinking about having to be in control over every aspect of your life might seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Given the right solutions, and taking the time to follow through with them, will set yourself on the path of becoming the master of conquering the clutter of your daily life. 

Here are a few tips that will set on track to becoming more organized during the new year.

Set a clear path on the year ahead

 Having a vision board can help you physically define how you’d like your life to look. Get creative and put up pictures that represent what you want to see happening throughout the year on the board. Cut posters or magazines, draw scribbles or notes, paste articles, give it colour and flare. 

 These goals don’t have to be grand. It could be as simple as taking more walks during the morning or eating healthier snacks. Make sure to put the board up somewhere that is always in your line of sight so you’d never lose track of your end goal.

Always think about the payoff when doing tasks

Chores can be one of the most daunting tasks to accomplish, particularly if you lack the motivation to do so. However, you can create such motivation by focusing instead on the benefits you could receive from completing the job instead of focusing on how bothersome it may be. 

If you could come up with just a few good payoffs that would better your life in any way possible, you’ll acquire the inspiration to stop procrastinating on the task at hand.

Declutter your surroundings

Ever heard the expression, “Your home is a reflection of your mind”? This statement holds a lot of weight for most individuals as those who have a tidier home or workspace tend to be more coordinated and forward-thinking than others. The same is correct for the opposite. Having clutter around your house is usually a symbol of procrastination and unmade decisions, and will have some individuals feeling stressed and fatigued after a while.

You can avoid this by taking the time to remove the clutter around your place. Throw away random newspaper clippings, sort out your kitchen pantry, store your clothes where they’re supposed to go and toss out/donate what you don’t need anymore.

Start by doing these tasks in small actions, and it’ll soon grow into a habit. The light and air, once blocked by the piles of unnecessary clutter, will slip through and have you feeling emotionally and physically healthier. Furthermore, you gain this sense of accomplishment after organizing the aspects of your surroundings, and eventually, you will learn how to control and organize your thoughts and responsibilities more efficiently.

Set up a weekly meal plan

The demands of daily schedule can get hectic at times, and having to prepare a meal every morning before you start of the day seems almost impossible. However, taking the time to plan your lunch schedule for the week makes it a whole lot easier. It helps with your grocery shopping and reduces the time wasted thinking about what to prep on the day. Since these foods are home-cooked, you also have the benefit of eating healthy.

Making freezer meals, in particular, will have you at a significant advantage. All you’ve got to do is make these meals on your time off and pop them in the microwave or slow cooker when you’re ready for them.

Having followed these suggestions, you will surely be successful in achieving your resolution and becoming a more organized person during the new year.