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Set the Mood For Your Valentine

Set the Mood For Your Valentine.

It’s the month of February and, once again, love fills the air. Maybe you’ve planned to treat your valentine to something special for the occasion, but you’re not entirely sure as to how to make the evening seem remarkable. Here are a just few useful pointers to help set the both of you in the mood for some romance.


Let there be light!… or lights, and dim ones. Use candles to gently illuminate the rooms of the house, to create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. But make sure there’s enough light to see each other’s faces. Watching your partner’s eyes sparkle in the dancing candle lights will undoubtedly put you in a tender state. The bonus aroma of scented candles (preferably lavender) can also be quite heavenly! The type of candle holder used also adds to the scene. Try using, for example, Wooden Twin Hearts Candle Holders, to keep the atmosphere cute and cosy.

wooden twin heart candle holders

Though, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of lighting every single candle (and the possible danger they could pose if left unattended), you could go for dimmable electric lanterns. They require practically no effort to turn off when the night is over, and they create the same ambience as ordinary candles (with the downside being no sparkle effect).


There has always been some science behind why humans love music. Music, as we all know it, is one of the most influential tools in shaping our moods. Depending on your partner’s taste, play a melody that you know will bring fond memories to the table. Had a special tune that you enjoyed listening to when you first met? Blast that record loud and proud! Remember, the aim here is to get your partner thinking about you, in a positive light, as that sweet melody roles them along memory lane.

Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements can go a long way for any occasion. Having a bouquet or more at the ready livens up your home in no time. You could always pick up freshly picked floral arrangements at your local flower shop, or synthetic flowers at any hobby and craft store if you or your special someone has a pollen allergy. 

Roses and carnations are the go-to choices for this day, though if you feel like changing things up a bit, white lilies, tulips and succulent arrangements are the next best choice.

Home-cooked Meals and Other Goodies

Instead of draining out your pockets at high-end restaurants, Why not make use of the kitchen and prepare a meal. Preparing a special dinner for your loved one shows how much you care for them while displaying your master skills at working the stove. 

And if you’re one of the unlucky few who’ve never even touched an oven in your life, there’s no need to fear. There are many practical and straightforward recipes online that require little effort while providing high payouts in terms of taste and design. Visit to find something that’ll be of interest to you.

Here is some quick advice to help design your table layout. Use a bouquet, in a suitable vase or container, as a centrepiece your dining table. Place some red, pink or white tablemats underneath each dish. Using ribbon, neatly tie your cutlery in a fancy bow and spread some petals around sparingly next to your platters. Evenly spread out a few candles on top of the table. To top things off, place a card next to your partner’s dinner plate with a heartwarming message written inside. 

Don’t forget to shower your s/o with delicious confectionery goods. You could never go wrong with a box of heart chocolates on this day. 

Hopefully, at the end of it, all your hard work would pay off, and you’ll be receiving your one-way ticket to nirvana and back. 

The Caribbean Habitats Team wishes you and your loved ones a sweet and cheerful Valentine’s Day to you all!