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Reasons Why Your Neighbors Hate You

Reasons Why Your Neighbors Hate You
Read on for Reasons Why Your Neighbors Hate You!
Your dog prefers your neighbors’ lawn when nature calls, you’ve got two cars parked in the street (you would park them in your driveway, but that’s where you keep your third vehicle and need to come and go in a hurry) your parties often carry on until dawn. If this describes you, chances are you’re a bad neighbor. Avoid the offenses below, or be prepared to get the stink eye next time you ask to borrow a cup of sugar.
  1. You are loud! Be respectful of your neighbors try to keep the noise level down between 9pm – 7am.
  2. Your Lawn is a mess! Most plants only produce several hundred seeds, but a single weed can produce more than 100,000.
  3. You don’t curb your dog! You may love your dog, and have it for your protection, but having a barking dog bark all day and night is very inconsiderate. Not because you have tuned them out means your neighbors are deaf!  Some people have medical issues, young children, or elderly parents and just cannot deal with constant barking. Dogs listen, and are  completely trainable, they are eager to please you. If you ask them to stop barking when they bark for no reason, they will soon learn when they should and should not bark!
  4. Your trees hang over the fence. Depending on the type of tree, it may pose a real issue for your neighbor. Be sure to keep your branches, fruit, and leaves on your side of the fence. Why should someone else clean up your mess in their yard if they do not own the tree.  Be mindful if your tree branches are disrupting electrical lines. If they are trim them!