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Vacation Home In Rodney Heights For Rent - Rodney Heights

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Short Term Rentals $180 US Per Night (Starts At) - Short Term Rentals
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Caribbean Sensations is  a  Vacation Home In Rodney Heights, and is within walking distance of one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches, less than a 15-minute walk from the sort after Rodney Bay Village, and a short drive to the Rodney Bay Marina, Pigeon Island National Park/ Beach is this 3-bedroom, 3 bathroom vacation home.  Caribbean Sensations is located in the quite middle to high income neighborhood of Rodney Heights.

This is the perfect vacation home for someone who wants to appreciate a Caribbean lifestyle at its best. The choice of the warm paint colours, furnishings, partially outdoor showers in two of the three bathrooms, allow for one to really feel at home, Caribbean style. The space is airy, open, spacious, containing the usual spaces, with the living room and dining being an open concept. There is a separate space for the kitchen. Much detail was put into the finishing. It has granite counter tops, and much cupboard space. It is spacious and very practical, with a bar type counter which separates the kitchen from the dining area. A large refrigerator can also be found in the kitchen. The dining area is furnished with a 6-piece dining room set.

Each bedroom has ample cupboard space, all benefiting from natural sunlight.  The master bedroom is spacious, also with natural sunlight filtering in. The en suite bathroom, features a nice shower which is partially open aired.

To access the interior of the villa, you walk through doors which lead into the living area. Proceeding through the living room area, you have a choice to go up 2 stairs to the kitchen, dining, and 2 of the three bedrooms.  If you decide to walk straight, you will come upon the third bedroom and its en-suite bathroom.

To the front of this vacation home is a large deck area, with a swimming pool. From this deck, it is inevitable to admire the lush greenery, and the views of the Rodney Bay Marina. Cooling off is a treat in the beautiful pool. There is a covered gazebo which features an outdoor dining set and an outdoor bar area.

This property is not appropriate for individuals with mobility issues.  Please also note that the owners of the vacation home live above, however the swimming pool  and pool deck is exclusively for your use. You have your own separate entrance, parking,  and use of the lower portion of the property.

Imagine having a sunset massage or a Therapeutic and/or Restorative Acupuncture session near the pool. If you are a Yoga lover or have never tried yoga before, you also have the option of a private yoga class with Lenka on the pool deck. (These three services are at an additional fee) Let us know ahead and we can arrange it before you arrive.

If you will be flying into the Hewanorra International Airport in St. Lucia, the airport is about an hour and a half drive to Rodney Bay Strip and the surrounding areas. We can assist you with booking your airport transfers, to and from either of our two airports. We are very honest when we say that the drive from the airport to the villa is not the easiest one. One of the things which makes this beautiful island stand out from the others, is the ability to see a breathtaking view from so many different inclines. Due our hilly terrain, we have may cliffs, peaks, and sharp corners, which if you are not familiar with, can be a bit hair raising in the beginning. One of our biggest nemesis on the island is the fact that we do not have street names or numbers. You really need to know where you are going to in order to find it. It is a bit challenging to give directions to the villa from the airport when the roads are not signed. We care about your safety and ask that you wait to explore the island at least after you have had a full nights rest. Don’t try to do it as soon as you land here. You have been on the go for hours prior to arriving, may have not slept at all the night before preparing for your travels. Depending on where you are coming from, you may have been traveling for 12 hours or more, you are exhausted by the time you arrive here. To avoid any incidents, we suggest that you take the option of having us organize your transfer for you. When you get to the villa, and you have rested, with fresh eyes in the morning, you can begin the adventure!

Finally, we are here to see to it that you have a fantastic holiday. We can pre stock your kitchen cupboards ahead so when you get here you can get to the business of relaxing! We can have a cook come in who can definitely open your taste buds with some of the most delicious local dishes (this at an additional fee). Ask us about this service if you are.

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