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Cozy Condo Near Rodney Bay Village - Cap Estate

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Property ID : SHT-CE-106

Short Term Rentals $99 (starting from)US - Short Term Rentals, St Lucia Real Estate For Sale
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Located a short drive is this cozy condo near Rodney Bay Village.  It is at least a 10-minute drive from  2 of most beautiful beaches on the island, this condo keeps you near the action of the northern part of the island, however it is located in a peaceful and private area with a gated condominium community.

The condo is nestled among tropical Trees, with other condos nearby. To access the condo, you enter the  spacious balcony which has patio furniture for four (4) people. The condo is very charming and cozy, it is private and has its own space to chill and relax.  It is nicely decorated with pops of Caribbean flavor. To enter the condo, you go thought the two French PVC doors. Once you enter the condo you are directly in the main living area which benefits from the open concept living, dinning and kitchen areas,  which have practical furnishings and appliances.  One bedroom has a queen bed and benefits from the fully equipped outer guest bathroom. From this bedroom, there are two French doors which open out to the balcony near the plunge pool. The second bedroom features two (2) single  beds and an en-suite bathroom.

Imagine having a sunset massage or a Therapeutic or Restorative Acupuncture session right from the privacy of your own balcony. Yoga sessions are also an option whether you are yoga lover or have never tried it before as we offer private yoga sessions with our certified yoga instructor. These three services are at an additional fee but they are worth every penny! Let us know if you are interested ahead of time and we can arrange these sessions prior to your arrival.

For rental over 7 days, the condo will be cleaned once per week, just to freshen up the linen.

If you will be flying into the Hewanorra International Airport in St. Lucia, the airport is about an hour and a half drive to Rodney Bay Strip and the surrounding areas. We can assist you with booking your airport transfers, to and from either of our two airports. We are very honest when we say that the drive from the airport to the villa is not the easiest one. One of the things which makes this beautiful island stand out from the others, is the ability to see a breathtaking view from so many different inclines. Due our hilly terrain, we have may cliffs, peaks, and sharp corners, which if you are not familiar with, can be a bit hair raising in the beginning. One of our biggest nemesis on the island is the fact that we do not have street names or numbers. You really need to know where you are going to in order to find it. It is a bit challenging to give directions to the villa from the airport when the roads are not signed. We care about your safety and ask that you wait to explore the island at least after you have had a full nights rest. Don’t try to do it as soon as you land here. You have been on the go for hours prior to arriving, may have not slept at all the night before preparing for your travels. Depending on where you are coming from, you may have been traveling for 12 hours or more, you are exhausted by the time you arrive here. To avoid any incidents, we suggest that you take the option of having us organize your transfer for you. When you get to the villa, and you have rested, with fresh eyes in the morning, you can begin the adventure!

If you insist on driving yourselves, I ask that you allow us to assist you with booking the vehicle rental. We can have the vehicle available to you at the airport when you arrive, or at the villa when you get here if you choose. When it comes to choice about companies to rent the vehicle from, you need to be careful. As you can imagine, we do tremendous amount of business in this industry and have forged relationships with partners who trust and will treat our guests to our standards. We know the standard of vehicles which our partners offer, and the support service in case there are issues. Looking for the cheapest option, or perhaps thinking that it is better stick with a name that you know may seem like the way to go, however, things do not necessarily work the same over here. To be clear, we do not get kickbacks from our rental car partners, and our only interest is that you are taken care of effectively. This past Christmas season was a testament to what we speak of. Guests who opted to make their own arrangements elsewhere were without vehicles for their entire vacation as the reservations had been cancelled and were only told when they arrived on the island. November – March is the busiest time on the island, all vehicles were sold out for the Christmas holidays. Now that they were on island, looking for a rental proofed fruitless due to the fact that they were booking last minute. It eventually cost the guests more money to go out and about taking taxis everywhere, and of course ruined their vacations. If you have questions about the process, please feel free to ask.

Finally, we are here to see to that you have a fantastic holiday. We can pre stock your kitchen cupboards ahead so when you get here you can get to the business of relaxing! We can have a cook come in who can definitely open your taste buds with some of the most delicious local dishes. ( This at an additional fee). Ask us about this service if you are interested.

PLEASE NOTE: The above price is based on a two-person occupancy – if you are going to have more than two guests in your party please ask us about our rates.

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