Investing in St Lucia

St. Lucia real estate has historically been a great investment – and even with the current international market downturn, St. Lucia properties have continued to show appreciation year after year. That’s the result of several factors.

First of all, it’s basic economics: supply and demand. We’re a small land mass that’s globally desired as a place to live, so prices for St. Lucia properties have risen steadily for many years. Secondly, there are many eclectic neighborhoods and styles of homes, combining with some of the best views on Earth to create uniquely valuable properties. Finally, there’s the appeal of owning vacation properties in a place nearly everyone visits – or wants to.

For investors, there are many positives to owning a property in St. Lucia. As a property owner you have the potential benefits of passive income, depreciation and tax-deductible visits to the islands. However, there are also several important legal issues involved in owning a rental property here, so we assist you with navigating through the red tape.

Whether it’s a vacation home you want to rent when you’re not here, or an eventual retirement property, we can help.