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Decluttering Your Home For An Organized Life

Decluttering your home


Refresh your entrance:

To achieve success in general, we need to be organized.  An organized home, is the foundation for success in all other areas of our life.  It may sometimes feel overwhelming, but the task of decluttering does not have to be intimidating to anyone.

Your foyer or front door/entrance is a good place to start.  Consider a piece of furniture with shelves or drawers, where you can store items like umbrellas, keys, rain boots, scarfs, cardigans, sunglasses, etc.  When on the go, it’s a nuisance and its time consuming to be searching for these items.

Optimize the use of your kitchen:

A functional kitchen is key in saving time when preparing meals.  Create a workflow when placing appliances, utensils and gadgets.  Throw out expired food and ensure that your plastics are not falling out of cupboards when you open the doors.

Revive your bedroom closets:

Bedroom closets often fall victim to being a dumping ground for stuff that has “no home”.  As you declutter,  place items in the following categories: keep, donate recycle, trash.  It is easy to become too sentimental or attached to personal items, but if you haven’t worn it in the past year, perhaps its time to let it go.

By following these suggestions, you will simplify your life.  Perhaps you may even free up some time for a hobby.