Caribbean Habitats is among the top producing real estate agencies in St. Lucia. We understand the ins and outs of doing business in St. Lucia, with a solid team to assist with seeing your transaction to completion.  We have managed to carve out a niche in the Northern spectra of the island. This includes staking claim to top tinsel town turf in what is known as the most desired areas to live such as Cap Estate along with the islands mecca, Rodney Bay Village. We have seasoned experience and ability to foster solid relationships. Caribbean Habitats is a boutique St Lucia Real Estate / Property Management Company which strives to service the entire spectrum of exclusive clients the island has to offer. Our clients range from luxury buyers and high-end sellers: to clients with small family homes, and renters. We offer exemplary Property Management Services, with a list of beautiful short term properties in our portfolio. Our uncompromising professionalism and dogged drive has yielded unheard of rapid rise to success in the niche real estate market, crowning us as esteemed professionals. Our commitment to maintaining the utmost privacy and confidentiality for all of our clients is one of our biggest priorities. While there are over 150 real estate agents in St. Lucia, Caribbean Habitats’s unique approach to the business stand out. Our dedication and enthusiasm towards our clients is unmatched. We have a reputation for going the extra mile. We thank you for making the decision to choose us to assist you with your real estate needs.

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