Caribbean Habitats Real Estate Services - We have st. lucia real estate for sale...please check out our other services. 

Caribbean Habitats offers St. Lucia Real Estate Services and is a locally based full service firm. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of properties for sale and lease in St Lucia. As a result, there are many options to choose from which suit all budgets. Your choices to purchase real estate in St. Lucia, ranges from land parcels and modest houses, to upscale luxury villas.  Similarly, we offer properties for lease covering a wide range of budgets. We are therefore able to assist with all needs.

Caribbean Habitats also offers property management services. Our aim is to care for your property as we would do our own. Our property management package options allow you flexibility, so you can choose the services which are right for your needs.

We offer cooperate relocation services which allows for employers to feel confident that their new employees housing needs are met when they arrive on island. This allows for productivity from the start.

We have a very diverse team so as a result, we are more that capable to assist you. Please call or email us today!


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